Big Girl!

“Wooooooowww, weeee-weeee! ” Is Claire’s newest phrase, can you guess why?

Well I wanted to wait a week to be sure, but I can now officially announce Claire is “potty trained!” We’ve been almost 2 weeks now with NO diapers at all…even at night! Remember when we started potty training back in January? We were just trying to catch the…errr…”solids.” Since the weather was warm recently, I let Claire spend a few days naked below the waist and she took quickly to using the potty for all her needs. My diaper bag looks a bit odd nowadays with a potty shoved inside, but there’s nothing better than not changing diapers!

Obviously she’s too tiny for public toilets, so while traveling I just make a point to stop and use the bathroom with her every hour or so. I can dump everything right into the toilet after she uses her potty or if there is none available I’ve been keeping a stash of ziplocs and paper towels for later disposal. It’s been going so well, she’ll drop her drawers if she really has to go but for the most part she’s stretching about 2 hours.

This was one of those daunting tasks of parenthood I was dreading but I was really surprised at how easy it was. I really liked this article: AND after reading the it I don’t feel so bad about Claire’s lack of underoos! After searching high and low I can’t find anything in her size so she’s just wearing comfy cotton pants she can pull on and off herself, problem solved!

So pass along your congratulations to our potty superstar, we’re so proud!

2 thoughts on “Big Girl!

  1. Weee are so proud of our big girl!!! Way to go, Claire!! [Puns definitely intended 😉 ]

    Grand-Bob and Gran-C

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