Come Play With Me!

Craigslist is my new favorite place on the Internet. We were able to snag this awesome playset from a family with older children. They even threw in a table and chair set perfect for a toddler. Merry Christmas, Claire!

Our playroom is complete! We turned a bookshelf sideways and filled it with some of her favorite toys (baskets, metal mixing bowls, books) to keep things organized. Her stuffed animals live in the monkey tent and the old stroller toys found a new home in her “treehouse.” Aside from climbing and sliding, Claire really enjoys sitting at her big girl table and taking the dishes out of the its drawers.

There are a few more photos in the slideshow below!

5 thoughts on “Come Play With Me!

  1. Look at those chompers!!! You're turning into a big kid now ClaireBear! I love your playroom–that was McManda's old room when she stayed there! =)

  2. Aunt Laurie is coming to play with you Claire! And I have finally figured out how to distract mommy and daddy so you're all mine……VIDEO GAMES!! Yay one week till I get to see you!

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