Indoor Fun!

It’s snowing today, and not that nice, fluffy snow where I can suit Claire up and take her out for some photos. It’s cold and damp and utterly miserable. We’re playing inside today. I don’t even want to venture out to the car for my camera so I’m posting photos from last week. I don’t consider it truly cheating since I was planning on blogging about Claire’s indoor activities anyway 🙂

Metal cookware seems to hold much appeal for our little noisemaker. Her drumstick of choice is a rolling pin (imagine that racket!) or metal spoon. I recently opened up my pots and pans cabinet for her and Claire was delighted to take out all her new noisy toys and scatter them throughout the kitchen. As you can see, my metal mixing bowls double nicely as a “Peek-A-Boo” helmet. Let’s not forget Claire’s rocking horse – she LOVES this thing and gets it going so fast that it creeps across the room. It’s nice and low to the ground which is perfect for the baby who climbs EVERYTHING. Dan and I make a huge deal out of her rocking correctly to try and discourage her tricks.

2 thoughts on “Indoor Fun!

  1. Laurie,
    She has been a ham since about when she became aware of the camera in her mom's hands! I'm glad she is used to a camera, so many nice pictures result!
    Keep them coming!

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