Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Claire’s been sick – like 104 fever sick…but I won’t use that as an excuse for not updating the blog since that only happened this past weekend. Things have been a bit crazy. Dan and I created a HUGE diaper cake for my sister’s baby shower and made the cutest little favors too. That occupied a ton of bloggin’ time. Here are some cute photos to tide ya’ll over. Claire’s driving a classic, my 20 year old VW Rabbit convertible. I’d venture saying that it’s cooler than Grandbob’s new one, heehee.

Shhh! Don’t tell my grandfather he appears in these photos without his shirt on, he’d kill me! I have a few more sweet ones of Claire and Pop that I’ll have to post later.

3 thoughts on “Baby, You Can Drive My Car

  1. Hey now, I never said they were new. Just new to the blog. You're a stalker McManda! But that's ok – we love you anyway. Can you believe I haven't taken a photo of Claire in over 2 weeks?! I vow to shoot at least 50 tomorrow.

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