More Outdoor Pictures

Dan’s been riding the motorcycle to work so in the morning I’ve been seeing him off and then taking Claire outside for a few pics by the forsythia bushes before the sun gets too high in the sky. And don’t worry, what you can’t see in some of these pictures is my hand holding the twigs so she can’t eat them.

If you (ahem, McManda) need even MORE pictures of Claire by the bushes, here’s the online album.

I’m going to try again in the evening for some smiley photos, she was tired this morning as you can see in many of the photos. Check back later.

7 thoughts on “More Outdoor Pictures

  1. i forgot to leave a comment =o

    adorable pic..i have the pic of her with her hat in her mouth on my desktop now!! 🙂

  2. okay i was looking at all of claire's old pictures and i just cannot believe how big she is getting!!!

  3. it's been a week.
    this isn't fair. i know i'll see her and all this weekend-but this still isn't fair i agree with A. Annie!!

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