Blah, blah, bub, bub, bog… BOB! BOB!

Claire was a big hit at the Easter vigil this year. Her favorite part? Grandbob’s stories of course.

Bob was lecturing and she took the opportunity to express her affection for her “bob bob bob.” Her sweet little outburst was the cue for Mommy & Daddy to hang out with her in the kids’ room. Once Claire fell asleep (stripped down to nothing but her onsie) we reentered the church.

She dozed for a while, but then all the people around her were singing…and she wanted to sing too! Since things weren’t quite as solemn at this point in the service we kept Claire in the pew, much to the delight of the older women in front of us. One of the ladies happened to attend grammar school with Grancee’s Dad…what a small world!

Enjoy these photos of Claire with her Grandbob. Can you believe she’s in a dress?! Dan kept saying to her, “poor baby – this is worse than Halloween!” Ceil seems to think Claire is going to turn out to be a girly-girl and assures her granddaughter there will be lots of pedicures and manicures in her future. Note Claire’s new trick – sitting up unassisted (albeit for short periods of time). As always, click for full size images.

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