When it rains…it pours

After a long hiatus, we’re back. Claire’s great-grandmother passed away on the 13th so we spent some time on the island helping out Pop. I was very close to my grandmother, and although I’m sad at her passing I can rejoice in the fact that she got to meet Claire. At the wake, Claire babbled at Nanny – I think she would have liked that 🙂

To add to all the drama, Grandma Ca Ca took ill as well. She’s still in the CCU but it looks like she’ll pull through. Today she’s getting a trach which should make it easier for her to be weaned off the ventilator. She is conscious though, and has been madly scribbling notes requesting books and that I not trip over anything in her room. Apparently my ninja speed makes her nervous.

Life has definitely been crazy these days. Today it’s finally going to be warm enough to walk and I am going for a looooong one.

Unfortunately, we missed posting on Valentine’s day, but here are the photos of Claire celebrating (you might recognize some from the “Eat your heart out” banner). I also wanted update the blog with some photos of Aunt Annie hanging out with Claire.


You can view all *60* of the photos from our Valentine’s day shoot in the slideshow below, or snag ’em individually from my picasa web gallery here:

Valentine's Photos

One thought on “When it rains…it pours

  1. yayy for the return of Claire bear!!! I must say I've missed seeing new pics..it's been a crazy few weeks but I'm so glad we have Claire to make us all smile:) Hope you're feeling better Claire bear!

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