Marbled Paper Valentine’s Cards

I am so delighted by these process-oriented Valentine’s cards created for Claire’s beloved classmates! We made some marbled paper with shaving cream and liquid watercolors, Claire wrote sweet notes on scrap paper and then together, we folded the whole thing into a simple origami heart envelope.  

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Toddler Art: Using watercolor over crayon resist for halloween Spider Handprint

Spider Handprints and Watercolors for Halloween

Halloween Greetings to all! We created some spooky artwork last week gearing up to celebrate Halloween. This was definitely an art project that focused on the art process – it took three days, but was well worth the wait. Any project that helps a three year old work on patience gets a thumbs up in my book. Day 1 – Claire drew a web in … Continue reading Spider Handprints and Watercolors for Halloween