Put on your “jammers,” tousle your hair and play with me this morning! You’ll need a paintbrush and some watercolors, and a favorite furry friend to help. You’ll need blocks for “bidding castel towers weel high,” and a silly smile for knocking them down. You’ll need a noble steed to ride upon. Now rock, rock, rock with me! You’ll need to run around and around … Continue reading Morning

Peanut, Peanut Butter – And Birdseed!

Today’s messy project with Claire was for the birds – literally. Every year (see here, here, and here!) we put out feeders for our feathered friends and watch as they feast from our own warm perch indoors. There’s usually a nice assortment of species: downy woodpeckers, nuthatches, tufted titmice, chickadees, black capped chickadees, bluejays, mourning doves, cardinals and the occasional (and very cool) piliated woodpecker. … Continue reading Peanut, Peanut Butter – And Birdseed!

My Little Tree-Hugger!

Claire and I have been busy with end of season garden maintenance, we’ve repotted oodles of plants, brought in the rosemary to overwinter (fingers crossed) and we’ve started a nice compost pile (by we’ve I mean that I did the work and Claire dumped water and shouted at the birds). Come spring, I’m hoping for some “brown gold” enrich my veggie beds. It hasn’t been … Continue reading My Little Tree-Hugger!

Excitement in the Living Room

I’ve torn my rotator cuff somehow and have been grounded from driving while on some drugs that make me just a bit loopy. Not being able to lift my arm up has been a challenge, but keeping Claire occupied hasn’t been too difficult. Earlier in the week we collected TONS of acorns outside in a wicker basket and when Claire woke up from her nap … Continue reading Excitement in the Living Room