Winter Woods Trek

Hooray for snow! Just enough snow fell that we were able to enjoy its beauty without grumbling about cold toes and plowing woes.

Above is a picture out our living room window of our “frog pond.” Remember the tadpoles we watched develop in the spring? They are now sound asleep in the muck at the bottom of the pond, I’m sure they’re enjoying their long nap!

ALL those tracks in the background belong to wildlife, wow!

One of the most exciting parts of snow, is the revealing of the animal super-highways that criss-cross our little slice of wilderness.  Armed with a magnifying glass (don’t ask, to Claire it was a neccesity) we walked our trails and found prints belonging to deer, fox, and coyote. I suspect one large set of tracks belonged to a resident blackbear but the deer tracks obscured them a bit.

The coolest tracks footprints were these. Claire thought she had FINALLY found a real live dinosaur. I had to break the news to her that it almost certainly belonged to a wild turkey. I suspect the our chickens would leave similar (smaller) versions but they have not set foot onto the snow. The poor things won’t even come outside for a corn treat. Or maybe they’re panicked about all the fox tracks we found around the barn. Keep away sneaky fox!

Gobble, Gobble – wild turkey or dinosaur?

I’m doing my best to keep this active kid outdoors as much as possible. There is so much to see, even in the winter months. Are you feeding the wild birds where you live? We provide suet and get a wonderful show of migrating birds and woodpeckers. Much of the snow has already melted and I’m already wishing for another storm (a light coating, please!) so we can track our local wildlife movements. And maybe next time, Claire will find evidence of that undiscovered dinosaur!

At the top of our property overlooking the valley. We were both looking forward to hot chocolate after our trek!

 Check out our homemade bird (suet) cakes here. Now is the best time to hang up some food for over-wintering birds.

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