Friday Finds –Things On My To-Do List

I’ve got about 30,000 starred items in my feed reader, it’s high time to share some of these great ideas floating around the blogsophere. Have a special idea you’d like to see featured? Send me an email

Featured Posts

{1} Magic Nuudle Garland at The Chocolate Muffin Tree
{2} Crinkly Owl Teethers at Homemade by Jill
{3} Painting With Salt at A Bit of This and A Bit of That
{4} Rainbow Letters at The Wonder Years
{5}  Two Year Olds With Hammers at Teacher Tom

I haven’t tried any of these things with my daughter yet, but I just know she’s going to love them!  Over at The Chocolate Muffin Tree is a fun garland using Magic Nuudles. How creative is this?! I know everyone loves these foam noodle things and this is just the push I needed to go out and buy some.

Homemade by Jill has whipped up another amazing sewing project, just look at the gorgeous Crinkly Owl Teethers. I’m glad my sister Amanda is having a little girl because I’m totally making a pink polka dot critter for my newest niece. I’m a beginner sewer and a pattern like this looks really forgiving. Besides, babies aren’t picky and if my seams are crooked – who cares?!

Have you ever seen something so beautiful as watercolors running together in a salt track? I think the black paper background makes it especially striking. Head over to A Bit of This and A Bit of That and get the how to on Painting With Salt. I’m really looking forward to this one.

I love this method for learning to write letters over at The Wonder Years. Tracing over each letter with crayon rocks in a rainbow of colors creates a beautiful image, doesn’t it? Her explanation of how this rainbow letter formation works to build muscle memory is a worthy read.

The ever inspirational Teacher Tom has forced me to hunt down a light hammer for Claire. Let me tell you, I was so impressed with myself for doing woodworking with second graders back in the day. Ha! Just check out what his capable two year old students have been up to and his thoughtful reflections on children managing tools.

A big congrats to Jamie of Hands On As We Grow – she won my giveaway for a custom video montage!

2 thoughts on “Friday Finds –Things On My To-Do List

  1. Wow! Thanks for posting my idea! I knew I recognized my picture! I really love these Magic Nuudles—they are very inexpensive and you get so many! So easy to use! Of course you can make sculptures too, but with a preschooler you end up with these little snakes and flowers and you don't know what to do with them! Magic Nuudle Garland is the perfect solution!
    Thanks for stopping by! As I have said before, I love your blog!

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