Persistent, obsessed, manic…these might be the words to describe Claire’s new found insistence on independence. Any attempt to help is met with foot stomping, eyebrow scrunching and an adamant – “I do it myself!!”

The latest battle of wills is over zipping up the coat. I’m doing my best to leave time before outings so Claire can work it out herself. Most of the time, with a bit of time and patience (usually needed on my part), she succeeds.

Self-sufficiency here we come!

PS – Are you all tired of photos of Claire in the snow? Mother nature dropped another 2 feet yesterday and I’m wondering if I should post ANOTHER snow man entry. I think I need some topic ideas here…

or maybe I’ll just post a video of Claire playing her favorite new game, “Baby Bird.” She flaps her wing and runs around the house skipping and shouting “tweeeeeet tweeeeet! I a baby bird!” Heehee.

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