You might call this a weed – Claire thinks otherwise.


These funny “bubblas” as Claire called them, were her favorite toy at the outdoor bridal shower we attended Saturday (congrats to Aslan and Tanesha on their upcoming wedding!)

If you look closely at the photos you’ll see Claire is sporting a tattoo of her favorite grocery store. Shhh…don’t tell GrandBob!

Plenty more pictures of Claire blowing dandelions here in the slideshow. I had trouble picking out my favorite but this photo below is one of the frontrunners. I love how you can see a few of the seeds flying away as she blows on the dandelion head. I’m thinking this might be a photo shop project waiting to happen…which photo did you like best?


One thought on “Dandy-lions

  1. Dandelion puff-balls are the best toy ever! Claire, I just want to pinch your cheeks, you are so cute. Cannot wait to see you this weekend.

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