Can you say Entomologist?

The other working title I was toying with:
Regina did WHAT with a cake stand? LOL

Another rainy day has spoiled my plan for raising a nature-loving kid who spends much time outdoors swimming, running and chasing after the multitude of critters in our yard.
It has rained so much this summer! Granted, playing outside in the rain doesn’t bother me – Claire’s even got the cutest pair of little rain boots to wear (thanks Kelly!). But thunder and lightning? Yeah, two things we’re going to avoid.

Fast forward to my warped thinking – and my attempt at bringing some nature indoors. Now most people would come up with a cute craft involving flowers and grass and would weave their daughters tiara.

Me? I’m not that crafty so I brought in a couple of new pets:


Meet Millicent and Marty (or fshzzzz and zzzzz as Claire calls them). Are you cringing yet?
Yes, I brought many-legged creepy crawlies indoors for my daughter to play with. AND I put them in my gorgeous glass cake stand.

What?! Why?!

Well, because nothing else let us watch them as closely and clearly. Might be time to find a terrarium perhaps…? heehee

Millicent and Marty are big hits over here. Claire LOVED watching them, as did Dan – and me of course! They are still on our kitchen table happily munching away at the leaves Claire collected (you wouldn’t believe how much they can eat) and crawling around. I’ll have to release them back into the wilds of our front yard tomorrow

…and run that cake stand through the sanitize program in the dishwasher.


If you’re not totally grossed out here’s the link to the slideshow here and some info on keeping giant milipedes as pets (yes, really). The science teacher at school keeps these guys in his room and I sure miss visiting them!

5 thoughts on “Can you say Entomologist?

  1. I'm with you Bob ! Gina WHO raised you ??? Wonderful experience for Claire I know but if you recall from you chilhood we had sea monkeys.antfarms,bugs in a jar galore but ALWAYS seperate from our food…… I know I know the dishwasher sanitizes .

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