Join us for lunch!


Here’s a peek into what lunch with Claire looks like everyday!

This is from Friday’s “pizza” day – what can I say, I was a student for 16 years and a teacher for 5, so old habits like pizza Friday die hard. Claire will usually join me in the kitchen to “help.” She has the choice of the pots and pans cabinet to play in or the tupperware one. I’m still up in arms about which is the better choice. The pots and pans can be played deafeningly loud, but the tupperware means a big cleanup. Fridge magnets seem to keep her pretty busy nowadays too.

DSC_0158Once the food comes out all playing stops and on our pizza days she’ll beg for bits of mozzarella just like Daddy. At least she’s not sneaky about it – ahem!

Tortilla, sauce, cheese and lots of “don’t touch HOT!” comments later, 10 minutes have passed and our

DSC_0137pizza is done! Claire picks off the cheese and then puts the tortilla bit into her mouth to suck off the tomato sauce. Only then will she eat the melted cheese. She’ll sign for some water and out comes the sippy cup. Claire is drinking from a glass with a bit of help but I have to DSC_0135confess my love for the leak proof straw cup, especially when I’m trying to eat as well!

Lunch ends when Claire announces she’s finished by scattering her food all over the kitchen. She’ll look whoever is feeding her right in the eye, reach down and drop a piece of food on the floor. Of course you chalk the first one up as an DSC_0153accident. Then comes the double-armed swipe and you realize you weren’t quick enough getting her out and the entire kitchen floor is covered once-licked tortilla shells and half eaten cheese. Yep, lunch is so over.

This “all done” method is something we’re working on…and the reason all family meals have moved into the kitchen.

DSC_0142 DSC_0127DSC_0113

If you have a case of the Mondays (hi Auntie Laurie!) or just haven’t met your daily quota of cute – there are even MORE photos in the slideshow below. Click on it twice to view full screen.

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