The Return of Friday’s Film

I keep getting emails and comments begging for the return of Friday Films…well here you go!

— Yes, around 46 seconds in I totally bust my butt tripping over something. Enjoy the look Claire give me. —

Rainy days, a cooped up Mom and baby – fun things are bound to happen.

Claire started playing in this box and when I pushed her over she cracked up. Next thing I know I’m hooked up to my  Ergo baby carrier (the best infant carrier ever) and mushing around the house like a husky dog.

Creativity people, it is what keeps me sane and the baby giggling.

3 thoughts on “The Return of Friday’s Film

  1. OMG! That is so CUTE! Love the music and you crashing into everything! Claire gave you a look dan would give you – too funny! She certainly was having fun. Great idea mommy!


  2. Another indoor activity that Mike and Jen always loved was “tent” building. I would turn the dining room table into an indoor tent with the help of blankets, pillows, etc. Actually that's as close as I ever got to a tent.

    Love you guys!

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