Playdate with Claire

      DSC_0061    DSC_0062

Our time with Claire playing games is no longer one sided! This past week I’ve noticed Claire crouching behind the toy chest in the living room. She pops into a stand with a smile on her face, but I couldn’t say for sure whether this was a game, or just another attempt at standing. Breaking news – she’s definitely playing Peek-A-Boo! Claire is now hiding her face behind her dress and waiting for the magic words and then out pops a giggling baby to surprise and delight her Mommy & Daddy. Here’s some photos so you can play too!


3 thoughts on “Playdate with Claire

  1. Okay, Budapest is much too far away. We miss you all and cannot wait to come home for some hugs.

  2. I agree more videos of Claire are needed! Peek a boo and first steps what a busy week! Aunt Laurie can't wait to play peek a boo with you again, Claire Bear!

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