Swinging With Daddy!

Today Claire spent the day with us at a friend’s shop and was soooo amazingly good. We took her to the park afterwards for some time on the swings (and for Mommy & Daddy to get some walking time in). I was so glad Claire managed to stay awake for the ride to the park. I’ve tried to get to there a few times this week and she falls asleep in the car, never wake a sleeping baby right? 🙂

Claire also amazed us with her monkey strength. Just check out this kid swinging across the hand holds! Go baby go! Ok, maybe she had a little help 🙂

Original photos and a few cute extras can be found in my online picasa album here. I’ve included the full size images of Claire on the monkey bars too! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Swinging With Daddy!

  1. i like the one of dan kissing her:) it's the cutest one! and tell dan to take some pics of you and claire bear there are none!!

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