Weeeee! Claire had her first ride on the swings this afternoon!

There were quite a few kids at the park today and Claire was VERY interested in all of their games. Watching other kids is definitely a favorite activity, she’s totally fascinated by them, even swinging took a backseat when the little girls were balancing on the wood behind her (see photo).

Yesterday at the state park there was a “Lil’ Tykes Hike” and I took Claire thinking there would be other parents with young babies. The write up in the paper said all babies must be in front or backpack carriers so I figured it was geared towards adults. Guess what? Claire was the ONLY baby and although it was the slowest hike I’ve ever been on, the children were sweet and the ranger gave a great program. At least with 10 toddlers in tow the bears certainly knew we were coming!

Next time you join us for dinner expect a fresh harvest of wild leeks, I can easily identify that plant thanks to Ranger Dawn!

2 thoughts on “Swiiiiings!

  1. that picture of her smiling looks just like dan..i mean just like him..adorable pics..glad to see she's so happy! did you get the pics yet from kim??

  2. Claire's smile is so bright and sparkling, I can't help but smile back. I am sure that once she gets teeth her smile will be blinding.

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