Claire’s New Friend!


Auntie Laurie stopped by this weekend with her boyfriend Matt and Claire made a new friend! Here are some pictures of him bonding with the baby. I won’t make any smart or embarrassing comments to tease my sister about her beau – but you know I’m thinking them! All kidding aside, Matt’s a really nice guy and Claire seems to dig him so he scores some brownie points in my house. Just look at them making faces at each other above.


I wish I had a photo of their friend Danny who also made the trip. We were all kind of tired so I forgot to drag out the camera. The five of us went to Cracker Barrel for a delicious brunch and Claire slept the entire time we were at the restaurant. My hands were then free to mooch off EVERYONE’s plate. Yum.


3 thoughts on “Claire’s New Friend!

  1. Aww he's so in the family now!! =D
    That's my tank top thanks Laurie-I guess I have no need for it now=P Claire you look darling as always! =)

  2. First, thank you Gina for curbing your tongue, for once. Also, thank you for the kind words about Matt. Second, we had a great time coming to see you guys. Well, I did while everyone slept, Claire and I got to play!! Third, I think these pictures are adorable (my favorite of course being the Matt and Claire making the same face picture!) Fourth, Gina you are a mooch! Fifth, McManda in the family or not Matt is still angry with you! And thinks you need a cell phone…yesterday! Who do you think you are kidding about this tank top thing! I've had this for like 3 years. And I believe I saw your preggo butt squeezing into my SMALL non-preggo cute white tank top a few weeks ago! Last but not least, who is this “Daddy” guy that popped up on the blog for the second time this month! I don't remember any comments from him for the Last 10 months! 😉

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